biological patents

Biological patent and patentability

Raman Singh, Kuldeep Singh


Development in the field of Biological patent sprouted a new world in biotechnology, which permits scientist to alter natural biological matter for commercial profit. In response to Scientific Breakthrough in biotechnology, the innovative technologies, demand of capitalist market place and patent law has expanded to accommodate a range of biological inventions. There is always a controversial concept and views whether gene patenting have a positive impact upon research and development, health care and the protection of the environment or not. So, the applicability of patent of substance and process of   natural origin is always a topic of discussion or debate which may have either of the faces. The scope and reach of biological patents vary among Jurisdictions. Beside all this, this article provides some glimpses of basic Knowledge of   biological patents with their need, types and few landmark examples.


Biological Patent; Need; Development; Scope; types patentability;

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