Teachers' Resilience during Covid-19

Manisha Wadhwa, Pratibha Dabas, Divya Moudgil


This unprecedented event has changed the world into a new era of online learning for all people. Only a handful of private schools have started with their online digital virtual classes due to which many teachers had to depart the roles. The educational system and teachers are one of the very important components who is dealing with stress issues and problems to cope up with this pandemic everyday. Teachers faced many types of academic challenges. In order to succeed and maintain their well-being, they must be resilient and have the ability to fight back or recover from stress. One may find a situation very difficult but in handling the situation if a person has a capacity or factor of resilience than life issues can be sorted easily. The objective of the present study is to study the psychological health and resilience among school teachers and to study the relationship between resilience and psychological health among school teachers. For this purpose, 50 government and 50 private school teachers was the sample of the study having age group 30 to 60 years. The result of the study indicate that there is a significant difference between male and female teachers with respect to resilience and psychological health.


Resilience; teachers' online teaching; virtual classrooms; Covid -19

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