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Total Synthesis of Bioactive Lactones: Prelactone E, epi-Prelactones V, E, Nonenolides (Z-isomers) and Stagonolide E

Pannala Padmaja


Thesis is structured in three different parts. The first part is dedicated to the total synthesis of the Z-isomers of nonenolide and desmethyl nonenolide using RCM and Yamaguchi cyclization reactions. The second part discusses the stereoselective total synthesis of stagonolide E. This synthetic strategy involves jacobsen’s kinetic resolution, sharpless epoxidation, Stille-Gennari and Yamaguchi lactonization reactions. Finally the third part deals with a general synthetic approach for the synthesis of b-hydroxy-d-lactones: asymmetric total synthesis of prelactone E and epi-prelactones V and E using Evans aldol reaction as the key step.


Nonenolide; Desmethyl nonenolide; Prelactone; epi-Prelactone; Stagonolide

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